I'm Tom Hebb. I'm a recent graduate in computer science, currently spending my free time writing code, reverse engineering hardware and software, and hacking on embedded devices.

I'm skilled in systems programming, with extensive experience writing C for POSIX systems and working knowledge of a few assembly languages (which comes in handy for debugging those really weird problems). I've also written C for more constrained environments: AVR microcontrollers, for example, which have no dynamic memory support.

As for reverse engineering, I've participated in several capture the flag competitions, including all three Stripe, CSAW, and an embedded devices CTF hosted by MITRE, where my team was the only one whose entry kept all its flags secure from opposing teams.

Check out my GitHub to see many projects, in wildly varying states of completeness and usefulness (as personal projects tend to be, alas). Or go to the projects page for a list of some of the ones I'm most proud of. Or just send me an email.